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NBCU’s Iaccarino Interviews Musk About Twitter’s Hate Policy



In a possibly highly unconventional interview, NBCUniversal’s advertising executive Linda Iaccarino had a discussion with Elon Musk about Twitter’s content policy and approach to working with marketers at an industry conference a month before Musk announced he’d hired her as a social worker. . Network CEO.

The April 18 keynote was billed as Musk’s “Twitter 2.0: From Talk to Partnership” talk at MMA Global’s “Possible” marketing event in Miami.

Iaccarino told Musk that marketers want to “protect their ad campaigns” with a content moderation policy that properly labels “provocative language.” She applauds Twitter announcement last month to promote “freedom of speech, not freedom of reach,” under which the company said it would restrict access to tweets that violated its policy on hate speech and offensive language.

“Have you ruled out the possibility or chance of their campaigns landing in these horrible, hateful places?” Iaccarino asked.

Musk said Twitter has implemented “adjacency control,” which allows marketers to block ads from showing next to “anything that’s remotely negative.” Apple and Disney remain big advertisers on Twitter, Musk said. The company’s brand safety initiative is working, he said, otherwise “Disney would have stopped its advertising.” [from Twitter] for a long time it wasn’t.”

Musk rejected Iaccarino’s suggestion that advertisers should be able to influence what Twitter creates. “If I said: “Yes, you can influence me,” it would be wrong. It would be very wrong,” he said.

Iaccarino clarified that she was referring to “an open feedback loop for advertising experts” to help “turn Twitter into a place they’re happy” to spend more dollars on ads. Musk responded, “It’s absolutely great to say that you want your ads to appear in certain places on Twitter and not in other places. But it’s not good to try to say what Twitter wants to do. And if that means losing advertising dollars, we’re losing them. But freedom of speech is above all.”

Iaccarino asked if Musk would reinstate Twitter’s “influence board,” which brings together top advertisers to provide recommendations to the company. Musk said he was open to feedback but seemed to be ruling out creating such a council. “I would be worried about causing a backlash among the public. Because if the public thinks its views are determined by a small number [ad executives] in America, I think they will be upset about it,” he said.

At another point, Iaccarino cited Musk’s controversial comments (and urged him to stop tweeting after 3 a.m., which he promised he would). “I have to give you a little push, because there are a lot of people in this room, they vote with their wallets … but they cannot cross the transom. They have problems with your point of view, your opinion and [they’re] still holding back from unleashing the full power of Twitter,” Iaccarino said.

Musk blamed “negative media amplification” for the way some of his remarks were presented, and also criticized “traditional media” (which he says competes with Twitter for ad dollars) for perpetuating the notion that hate speech is rampant. on Twitter.

Iaccarino asked Musk about whether he, as the owner of Twitter (and the person with the most followers on the platform), “should be forced to a different or higher standard.” She also pointedly asked if Musk’s own tweets could be labeled hate speech, in keeping with Twitter’s “terrible but not illegal” approach. According to Musk, his tweets are in fact subject to Twitter’s content labeling policy, as well as a feature of the Community Notes platform that uses crowdsourcing to validate content.

Earlier in the conversation, Musk said, “For civilization to develop, we must have freedom of speech,” which drew applause from the audience. “This is a bigger deal than you think.” He went on to say that the “acid test” for free speech is: “Are people you don’t like allowed to say things you don’t like?”

Now that she’s on the payroll from Musk, it will be interesting to see if Iaccarino changes his stance. After leaving the NBCU this week, Iaccarino is set to join Twitter (now officially called X Corp.) before the end of June. As CEO, she will be in charge of business operations, including advertising sales, while Musk said he will lead “product design and new technologies” as CTO. Musk, of course, remains the owner of Twitter and the sole decision maker about the company’s strategy and operations.

On Friday, a Twitter commenter, speaking to Musk, expressed dismay that Iaccarino, during the Miami conference, “was very excited about your initiative to restrict access to tweets that are considered hate,” and worried that she would tend to “condone » advertisers. that “woke up the ideology in the world.” Musk replied, “I hear your concerns, but don’t judge too soon. I am adamant in defending free speech, even if it means losing money.”

Meanwhile, a week before Iaccarino’s move to Twitter was revealed, the NBCU announced content and advertising deals with Twitter and Snapchat, with each company signing up individually to promote the 2024 Summer Olympics and Paralympics in Paris. The agreement with Twitter will include an exclusive live show hosted by NBC Olympics with highlights, interviews with athletes, and “interactive events for discussion among fans.”

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If corporations, and not the corporatized US healthcare system, handled childbirth




Your baby is guaranteed to be born within two days of induction, but you can get one dollar in your Amazon account for waiting an extra day.

southwestern airlines

Due to an overtime error, induction is cancelled. But if you’re willing to spend a few hours in Baltimore, you’ll eventually make it to the maternity hospital after waiting in line with forty other women in labor.


When you pick up a home birth kit, you will find that the instructions do not match the pictures and that your kit is missing an amniotic hook. You try to do it yourself, but you end up with forceps, catheters, and Phillips screws.


A stranger named Thad meets you in the Walmart parking lot and asks for ten dollars or better for a bottle of castor oil and orange juice guaranteed to induce labor within a day. He also offers to make love in the back seat at no extra charge.


You’ve been waiting for an epidural for over an hour. Your anesthesiologist promises to arrive soon, but he will have to make several stops along the way. When your epidural is finally delivered, you realize that it was taken to the ophthalmology department by mistake.


You crave ice chips, one of the few things you can digest during labor, but the ice maker is broken.


Regardless of the time of day, the triage area is overflowing with expectant parents with giant overnight bags. When you leave, they give you bulk stool softeners and pray you don’t have to use the whole bottle.


When it’s time to push, friendly neighborhood squirrels, rabbits, and deer show up at your bedside. These singing forest doulas whistle as your lower abdominal muscles work harder than ever before. It is recommended that you order Genie+ so that your child can skip the line and go straight to the front of the birth canal.


A few hours after delivery, the doctor pauses to ask, “Are you still pushing?”

sea ​​world

You will be placed in a bath where you will feel like a pregnant whale, groaning in pain during contractions. The room is filled with onlookers applauding as you deliver your gooey wad of joy. After that, the nurse rewards you by throwing a mackerel into your hungry mouth.

Abercrombie & Fitch

Your baby gets eye drops and a vitamin K injection, then sprayed with the latest A.&F fragrance. A beefy, shirtless nurse greets your baby, performs newborn screening tests, and instills unrealistic body expectations.


Your lactation consultant will offer you different types of milk – formula, colostrum, oatmeal – in tall, grande or venti bottles. For an additional fee, a consultant will froth the milk for your child’s first cappuccino. lactation consultant want mistype your child’s name, creating confusion on the birth certificate documents.


Choose someone to do needlework for your child. You will receive a personalized baby within nine months. ♦

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19 Trends That Prove TV Shows and Movies Can Get People to Buy and Do Almost Everything



19 Trends That Prove TV Shows and Movies Can Get People to Buy and Do Almost Everything

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