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CNN management criticized after Trump’s ‘disastrous’ town hall



CNN’s prime-time broadcast of the bustling City Hall with Donald Trump sparked a flurry of criticism inside and outside the network on Thursday – and renewed questions about how the media will handle the challenge of covering the serial lie that the leading GOP candidate is going to in the 2024 elections

The former president repeatedly evaded or taunted questions from CNN moderator Caitlan Collins during a 70-minute live forum at St. Anselm College in New Hampshire on Wednesday night. He doubled down on false claims that a “rigged election” led to his 2020 ouster and called writer E. Jean Carroll, who had just won her lawsuit against him for defamation and battery, a “bad job”, drawing applause and laughter. from an audience of local Republican voters.

And when Collins pressed him on why he removed secret documents from the White House, he replied: “You are a vile person.”

Former President Donald Trump called CNN host Caitlan Collins a “nasty person” during an event at New Hampshire City Hall on May 10. The crowd applauded. (Video: CNN)

“Predictably catastrophic” wrote Mark Lukasiewicz, former head of network television news., part of a chorus of media critics and political commentators who lamented the on-air spectacle. “Live lies work. The friendly MAGA crowd is constantly laughing, applauding Trump’s climaxes…and the moderator can’t keep up with the pace of the AR-15 lies.”

At a time when CNN was struggling to stem the fall in viewership, the telecast disappointed ratings, with Nielsen reporting only 3.1 million viewers in total. It was a big boost compared to CNN’s typical 8 p.m. TV broadcast, but a smaller audience than CNN’s President Biden City Hall last summer (3.7 million) and Fox News’s six previous Trump City Halls, casting doubt on both CNN. So is Trump’s attraction.

However, a more serious impact could be the damage done to the reputation of the network, which has long advertised itself as “most trusted name in the news“. It also raised questions about the future prospects of chief executive Chris Licht, who replaced Trump friend-turned-critic Jeff Zucker last year and is tasked with maintaining a more neutral tone on a cable channel that exploded into passionate commentary during the Trump years.

CNN journalists and others outside the organization called the town hall a “debacle”.catastrophe” And “Lowest CNN Moment“. On Twitter, the hashtags and phrases BoycottCNN, DoneWithCNN and ByeCNN were all trending late Wednesday night.

The gist of the criticism is that the CNN format he has used for other candidates over the years has allowed Trump to filibuster and threatened real-time fact-checking, allowing him to present a dishonest paraphrase of his track record. “In terms of full stage control and WWE-style platform dynamics, the terrible truth is that this outcome was preordained.” tweeted veteran political writer James Fallows. Some have compared the program to a modified Trump campaign rally, one that CNN occasionally aired live during the 2015-2016 campaign cycle. later said he was sorry.

CNN’s Caitlan Collins Tried and Tried to Debunk Trump’s Campaign Lies

Licht defended the decision to host Trump in this format during his regular morning meeting with network staff on Thursday.

“I know that there were people with an opinion [and] backlash, and this is absolutely expected, ”he said, according to the audio recording. “And I’ll be as clear as I can: you don’t have to like the former president’s responses, but you can’t say we didn’t get them. … What we did last night served America very well. People have woken up and know what the stakes are in these elections, as they did not know the day before.”

Licht also hailed Collins’ “masterful performance” as moderator and called her a “rock star”.

However, Light was beaten to death by his own journalists. “We did it wrong,” said one of the on-air figures. “We treated him like an ordinary politician who can be tested. We ended up dancing around the demagogue.”

“It was supposed to be a taped interview where you could check his facts,” said one CNN correspondent who, like the on-air personality, spoke on condition of anonymity to save the relationship and career. “The audience laughed at his comments about Jean Carroll. It’s shameful.”

In a meeting with staff, Licht defended the decisions that led to the jubilant, partisan audience: “It was also an important part of the story, because the people in that audience represent so much of America. And the mistake the media has made in the past is to ignore these people.”

Another employee, also speaking of backstory to avoid retaliation, suggested that Licht and the other executives who approved the event should resign.

That seems like an unlikely outcome—yet. At least publicly, Licht was supported by his boss, the chief executive of Warner Bros. Discovery David Zaslav. Asked about Thursday’s comment, a company spokesman pointed to Zaslav’s CNBC interview last week, in which he stood by his lieutenant and brushed off some of the criticism that erupted after the mayor’s office announcement. (“We have a divided government. Right? We need to hear both voices,” Zaslav said at the time. “All voices must be heard.”)

An executive close to Zaslav said both the board and executives understand the news business is tight right now and are willing to give CNN enough time to find its footing.

However, Trump’s mayor’s office is turning into yet another disappointment under Licht’s leadership. Despite fiddling with CNN’s daily programming and being mandated to reposition the network as a neutral news provider, Licht was unable to stop its ratings from falling to historic lows.

Licht’s signature programming, a remodeling of CNN’s morning program, has largely fallen apart since the firing of co-anchor Don Lemon last month. Collins, the network’s rising star, also switched to morning shows last fall to perform alongside him. People at the company expect her to be promoted until 9pm, which hasn’t had a full-time host since CNN fired Chris Cuomo in December 2021. And a person close to the decision-maker said that the disputes in the mayor’s office will not change. Licht’s plans for her.

CNN’s daily “Reliable Sources” newsletter gave a scathing assessment of Wednesday’s event. “It’s hard to imagine how America was helped by the spectacle of lies that aired on CNN on Wednesday night,” reporter Oliver Darcy wrote Wednesday night.

But the squadron of analysts and commentators that CNN aired late Wednesday night to evaluate Trump’s town hall speech (“We don’t have enough time to check every lie he told,” host Jake Tupper said) said nothing about this. the network’s own decision to host the forum.

At least one of the network’s paid commentators made their objections public before the Trump special aired. Michael Fanone, the US Capitol Police Officer who was wounded while defending the Capitol during the January 6, 2021 riots, wrote essay published by Rolling Stone this dictated the programming decision.

“The fact that he comes on stage when he answers questions as an ordinary candidate who did not kill people in the process of trying to end the democracy that he is again trying to manage normalizes what Trump did,” Fanon wrote. “It sends the message that the coup attempt is just part of the process; that accepting the election results is a choice; and that there will be no repercussions in the media, in politics, or anywhere else for them to be abandoned.”

In an interview last week, CNN political director David Chalyan justified the event, noting that Trump is the front-runner for the 2024 Republican nomination and that his “unique” status as a twice-impeached and felony-charged former president who provoked the January 6 Capitol Riot did not change the journalistic mission of the network.

“It’ll be hard for you to tell [the format] less revealing than a one-on-one interview,” he said.

On Thursday, Chalyan did not respond to a request for comment. CNN spokesman Matt Dornik said in an email: “I think Chris captured our position well in this morning’s interview. [editorial] meeting.”

Trump, for example, expressed his satisfaction with this event. “Hope everyone enjoyed CNN tonight,” he wrote on his Truth Social. “The audience in New Hampshire was AMAZING. Thank you!”

But inside CNN, the mood was grim.

“I can’t believe anyone thought this was a good idea,” said one of the employees, who also spoke on condition of anonymity to avoid negative career repercussions. “I have been a journalist for CNN for many years. I have always been so proud to say this. I was never ashamed of CNN until tonight.”

Elahe Izadi and Sara Ellison contributed to this report.

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Cancer drugs are among the top five hardest hit by shortages in the US




As the US faces a near-record number of drug shortages, cancer treatment is one of the hardest hit.

According to the data, there is an active shortage of about two dozen chemotherapy drugs, which is the fifth largest among all drug categories. data from the end of March from the University of Utah Drug Information Service.

“The fact that we have so many chemo drugs in short supply is really alarming,” said Michael Ganio, senior director of pharmacy practice and quality for the American Society of Health System Pharmacists.

Unlike some other drugs that are also in the top five shortage categories, such as antimicrobials, there are often no alternatives for chemotherapy drugs, he said. And the shortage affects the treatment of a wide range of cancers.

“One of the key indicators of how well a patient will respond to treatment is getting the full dose on the right schedule,” Ganio said. “So when we can’t give a cure because we just can’t get it, it’s heartbreaking.”

Overall, Utah State University data shows that there were active shortages of more than 300 drugs in the US as of the end of March, including nearly 50 new shortages that had accumulated in the first three months of the year.

The data shows that the last time active drug shortages, including both new and ongoing ones, were this high was in 2014.

“Shortages are still happening and they are not being resolved or are not being resolved as quickly as new shortages start,” Ganio said.

On Thursday, the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations held hearings examining the root causes of the shortfall.

The increase in demand is part of this. But experts say some high-profile deficiencies, such as amoxicillin during the most recent respiratory virus season and Adderall for ADHD, are the exception.

“They don’t really tell the story of drug shortages,” Ganio said.

Instead, the hearings focused more on production issues and the broader structure of the US drug market.

In particular, the US Food and Drug Administration has been criticized for lagging behind in inspections, especially of international businesses representing more than half of the manufacturers that ship products to the US.

A report of the Government Accountability Office, the federal oversight body, in January 2022 noted “longstanding challenges” facing the FDA’s Foreign Inspection Program and called for more formal steps to improve it.

Effective audits of both domestic and foreign manufacturing facilities are “absolutely essential to ensure the quality and safety of the drugs US citizens consume,” said Anthony Sardella, chairman of the API Innovation Center, a nonprofit dedicated to expanding the supply of US-made drugs. pharmaceutical preparations.

“They are also extremely important to market stability,” said Sardella, who was a witness at the hearing.

But at a hearing Thursday in the Health and Energy Trade Subcommittee, FDA Commissioner Dr. Robert Kaliff said that the economic problems underlying drug shortages “are not within the purview of the FDA.”

The FDA is “plugging holes in the dam,” he said, but it’s hard to motivate change when it doesn’t benefit drug companies.

“This drug shortage is becoming more widespread due to a distorted market,” said Rep. Kathy Castor, D-Fla., a senior member of the subcommittee.

“The current haphazard approach to crisis management, episode by episode, is not giving American families the confidence and quality of care they need and deserve.”

Hundreds of impending shortages are looming, and Kaliff has urged pharmaceutical companies to alert the FDA about them.

“Each company doesn’t know what the other company is doing because they are competing,” he said. “When one company lacks, we need to be able to coordinate those people.”

In addition to the FDA, there is a small group of officials in the White House dedicated to strengthening drug supply chains and quality, a senior administration official confirmed to CNN. It is reported by Bloomberg News.

The team, according to a senior official, has been “assembling for some time now” and consists of “several” White House offices, including the Domestic Policy Council and the National Economic Council.

“The Biden-Harris administration remains focused on strengthening the resilience of critical supply chains, including for medical products such as pharmaceuticals,” the official said, pointing to five executive orders issued by President Joe Biden since taking office aimed at “[catalyzing] whole-of-government action to achieve these goals”.

Blame aside, patients remain at the center of the problem.

“There is a major impact on patients every day,” said Laura Bray, founder of the Angels of Change, an advocacy group dedicated to ending drug shortages. “We also cannot forget the emotional trauma you are causing to a family in a health crisis.”

She experienced it first hand in 2019 when her 9-year-old daughter Abby was unable to get the medicine she needed to treat her leukemia due to a shortage.

Abby is doing well now, but 9 out of 10 oncologists say the drug shortage has led to patient harm, including death, said Bray, who was a witness at Thursday’s hearing.

“Patients deserve access to these medicines. The doctors, nurses and care team who are trying to solve these crises and save them deserve easy and equal access to these medicines.”

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Finance expert Ramit Seti thinks you’re not taking your “rich life” seriously enough. The boisterous host of a new Netflix show how to get rich sat down with Men’s Health for our Men’s Wealth segment to provide concise but practical advice on how to live richly without being as expensive as you might think. And it all starts with the fact that you look at money as a tool, not a burden.

“We have to stop talking about it like there is something wrong with the money. “Oh God, I have to pay this off. It sucks,” Seti says. “How about ‘How can I use the money to get this?’ And how can I stop worrying about money and even start feeling good about myself?”

As the man who admits to accidentally spending $100,000 on useless software, Sethi encourages people to expect mistakes on their way to a rich life. But, they must first know what a rich life is for them. In the video, Seti explains that the more specific you are about your rich life goals, the closer you can get to them. This is why Sethi believes that someone who wants to have the freedom to do whatever they want doesn’t really understand what a rich life is for them compared to someone who wants to be able to pick their kids up from school every afternoon.

The Web has advice on how not to stop you from starting to invest, the dangers of ignoring money, and why making financial mistakes is not only normal, but expected. But if all else fails, remember his money mantra: “Spending money on what you love, as long as you ruthlessly cut spending on what you don’t like.

Men’s healthMen’s health logo

Keith Nelson is a writer by destiny and a journalist by passion who has connected the dots to form the bigger picture for Men’s Health, Vibe Magazine, LEVEL MAG, REVOLT TV, Complex,, Red Bull, Okayplayer and Mic to name a few.

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