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Google enters the battle of AI coding assistants with Codey and Studio Bot



Increase / Android Studio will get a dedicated helper chatbot called the Studio Bot.

During today’s I/O presentation, Google announced Studio Bot, an artificial intelligence assistant that Android developers can use to write and debug code.

Studio Bot, built on top of Codey and PaLM 2’s revised big language model, is currently only available to US developers and is, according to Google, in its “very early stages of development.” It’s part of Android Studio, Google’s official Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Android developers.

This is different from another Codey-based project that aims to compete directly with GitHub’s Copilot in completing and generating inline code.

While Copilot focuses on parsing user code directly and making inline suggestions, Studio Bot behaves similarly to Bard or ChatGPT in that it’s a “conversational experience” that interacts with you as a kind of advisor. In the promotional video announcing the Studio Bot, the developer asks him “what is a dark theme” (as if any self-respecting developer doesn’t know this) and then makes subsequent requests to get the code snippets to implement the dark theme in the developer’s interface. application.

You don’t have to give Studio Bot your code to ask questions. In fact, Google’s positioning suggests that, at least for now, it’s better suited to answering general API questions and such than to dig in and help you build things directly.

Google warns in its call to developers documentation that “Studio Bot is still an early experiment and can sometimes provide inaccurate, misleading, or false information while presenting it confidently. Studio Bot may provide you with working code that does not produce the expected result, or may provide you with code that is not optimal or incomplete.”

A short video that Google made to demonstrate the AI ​​bot in Android Studio.

This wasn’t the only I/O announcement that was relevant to developers. As briefly noted above, Google has also announced plans to launch a Codey-based code generation tool that is more like Copilot. Similar Codey-based tools work with JavaScript, Java, Python, SQL, and Go. This is part of a larger AI initiative across virtually every Google Cloud and other Google development tools and services over time.

Google has also launched ML Hub, a repository of tutorials for developers who want to train and use machine learning models in their work. And a new experimental artificial intelligence feature in the Play Store will allow developers to create copies for app listings, analyze and summarize user feedback on apps, and more.


Pizza on the fly: Pagliacci plans to offer drone delivery



A Seattle-based pizza chain is partnering with a drone company to deliver pizza in the air. Co-owner Pagliacci says it’s part of an effort to reduce the carbon footprint of the network.

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Pepe Coin in the top 10 best-selling



Pepe Coin (PEPE) has been a blessing to the market as a whole. Meme coins were already a success in 2023, but thanks to the instant success of this token, they became the stars of the crypto market. With the currency of many large traditional projects looming over the shadow of regulation, meme coins have been a breath of fresh air for the market.

PEPE’s success will likely go down in history as one of the craziest market moves of all time. It came out of nowhere to provide investors with a 20,000% return in just a few days. It really was amazing, and now everyone else wants to try to participate. The Pepe coin even entered the top 10 best-selling coins in the world.!

We can’t help but feel that this will turn into a case of leaving a check when everyone else has already left for those who are just now doing PEPE. You can now see articles on all cryptocurrency sites that say that PEPE will replace SHIB, PEPE will exceed $1 and PEPE will start pumping again.

It’s not really the side that any two-cent investor should be on, and here’s why.

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Pepe coin price prediction: it’s time to look for a new meme coin

The 7-day price chart of the Pepe coin (PEPE) indicates that it has just experienced a market correction. Many are expecting it to take off again and some of the major trading numbers may indicate they are right. Its short-term trading average has now fallen below its long-term, so overall this indicates a pump is possible.

Pepe price chart

However, a little history lesson would teach us to be much more skeptical. Many analysts are speculating that PEPE is the new SHIB because SHIB has an absurdly large supply of 999 trillion tokens, while PEPE has 420. Many think it will become the number 1 low supply coin.

Below is a chart of a Shiba Inu with the highest pomp of her life in October/November 2021. As you can see, it has had a lot of fixes since its highest point. Many analysts also predicted at various points that he was about to start swinging again, and the base stats were good. This, of course, was not confirmed, and the same situation probably awaits PEPE.

shib price 1105

The brutal truth is that coins like Dogecoin (Doge) and Shiba Inu were in decline before PEPE came along anyway. The resurgence of the worthless meme coin has proven fantastic for many investors, but the main lesson we’ve learned is that you need to know when to exit these projects.

We think the PEPE craze may be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find the next meme coin that will rock just as well. We think these are the two current market candidates that are poised to take the throne of the meme coin.

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Sponge Bob’s token – all the qualities to repeat the success of PEPE

PEPE’s success seemed completely random, one investor bought trillions of tokens in exchange for some ETH, and voila, all of a sudden you have investors all over the place, just afraid they might be missing out. This is how a hit coin is created.

However, that’s not all. The very origin of every successful meme coin is, of course, a meme. PEPE is one of the oldest Internet memes, and it’s likely that nostalgia played a big role here. SpongeBob’s Token ($SPONGE) is not only a vintage meme, but also incredibly popular in the world of cryptography.

The TV show is also probably the most mentioned show when it comes to internet memes, so when you add it all up, it’s amazing no one thought of it before. In the case of $SPONGE, we actually feel that it is currently undergoing a correction, but, unlike PEPE, it has not yet pumped up to what it is capable of.

$ sponge

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AiDoge is a meme-making platform designed to overthrow DOGE and SHIB.

While some analysts see PEPE and other similar coins as possible heirs to the meme coin throne, the reality is that the market is moving away from these types of coins. While coins like PEPE and $SPONGE certainly have their place in different portfolios, this is a project like AyDoge (Ay) which would eventually become the number one meme coin.

AiDoge not only has the viral abilities of other meme coins, but is also very useful. It will be the first meme earning site and it will also use the other hottest trend hitting the crypto market, artificial intelligence technology.

Users of the site will be able to draw on the technological knowledge of the cryptocurrency market to create the best memes they have ever created. There is also the fact that the best memers will be rewarded by AI so that they can earn income from their creations.

This is the dream of most crypto lovers and this project has already attracted a lot of attention. The pre-sale has already raised over $5 million and is going through such a purple spot right now that milestones are happening almost daily as the fundraising rolls in so quickly. However, there are still many pre-sale stages left, so investors have time before the listing of CEX to get it at a discounted price.


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We will leave you with this advice, if you have not contacted PEPE yet, please be careful when choosing an investment. While it may indeed start to rise again, we believe that there are important historical examples that indicate that the period may end.

There are also much more intriguing projects like Spongebob Token and AiDoge available at much better prices. They both represent different kinds of meme coins, so this gives you the opportunity to look at the market from two different perspectives.

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Encryption Overview |



Price: £16.79

Developers: Daniel Mullins games

Publishers: Devolver Digital

platforms: Personal Computer

It’s rare that a game grabs your attention from the start menu, but then again, Inscryption is a rare game in many ways. Load Inscryption for the first time, and after seeing the fake loading screen, your right index finger will be briefly confused as you press the New Game button to no avail.

This is because there are no new games in Inscryption. There is only a game. About bones, blood and ritual sacrifices. He played against blinking eyes and withered hands that impatiently pound on the table and sometimes do … other things. Instead, you should click “Continue” because you’ve been playing for a while now and all you can do is continue. You don’t have to think about alternatives.

Let’s continue then. You are sitting on a stool in some remote shack, clutching a card fan in a trembling hand. Each card has a picture of a forest animal. Across the table stands a shadow-shrouded figure who speaks in a heartbreaking hum like Lucifer’s refrigerator. Between you is a board on which they play cards. The guests always start their turn, so you can play as a squirrel. The squirrel is good for nothing, except as an offering for your next card. Sacrifice a squirrel and use the blood to play a stoat. The stoat will talk to you, tell you to play along. Listen stoat.

You’ve run out of moves, so ring the bell. The move will resolve and the game will return to you. On this new turn, you may draw one card from your hand or from the Squirrel deck. Draw a squirrel and place it on the board. Now sacrifice the squirrel and stoat (who will protest) and use the two blood tokens you get to play Wolf.

Allow the move again. The wolf will either attack the animal played in front of it or, if there is no animal, directly at your opponent, after which it will deal damage. Damage is calculated over a set of gauges that rebalance as damage is exchanged. Deal enough damage to your opponent beyond your own damage level and you will win and be able to progress. If you lose, let’s not dwell on what happens if you lose. You will know in due time.

What’s a lot to take? Everything is fine. Feel free to take a break. Yes, you can leave the table if you are not in the middle of a match. Stretch your legs, inspect the cockpit. Admire the crisp pixels of the many items in the room. Fumble with the safe in the corner. Move the hands of the cuckoo clock behind you. Flip through the rulebook to better understand the cards in your hand. Didn’t the stoat say anything about a set of rules? That it can somehow help you get out of this room?

Why not sit down while you think about it? Move your figure to the next point on the map. You can get the chance to get some new cards, like the ant, whose damage stacks with every ant you have in play, or the viper, whose venomous sting instantly kills any animal in front of it. Or you can find much-needed items that will give you disposable equipment, like bottled squirrels that you can add to your hand at any time, or scissors that you can use to cut one of your opponent’s cards. .

Fight enough battles and your opponent will reveal one of his myriad personalities. In these special encounters, you’ll take on enemies like the Prospector, who can turn your cards into useless chunks of gold. Playing through these battles will test your deck handling skills to the limit. But you should be happy with your progress. Few ever get that far.

Winning these meetings can be sweet. But the scent is fleeting. We’re not done yet, not even close. There is much more for you to discover. Perhaps you prefer to build your army out of bones, an alternative type of resource that increases every time one of your animals is killed. Or maybe you’ll use stone altars found throughout the desert, sacrificing one animal to transfer its power to another. Or perhaps you become a skin merchant, collecting those inert cards from a hunter and pitting your opponent against a deck full of worthless skins until you can sell them to the merchant for superpowered cards.

Down and down goes the rabbit hole, it extends from the board into the cockpit itself. They are inextricably linked, you see. The board will lead you to clues in the world that will lead you to more powerful cards that will take you back to the board. With each new clue, your strength increases to the point where you can create unstoppable cards that border on breaking the game. In fact, if there’s a faux pas on your opponent’s part, it’s that he puts too much potential power into your hand and the game runs away from him as soon as you get past a certain point.

But you don’t mind too much, do you? Admit it, you like it here. You love those blinking eyes across the table. You like the terrible atmosphere, the palpable threat of consequences if you lose. You love the feel of blood and bones as they glide across your fingertips, cards that chatter and argue and complain as you play them. You will find it exciting, perhaps even a little funny. Your hands are shaking not from fear, but from excitement.

So why not pull up the stool and play that tricky little game again? Enjoy its dark tones and immerse yourself in its deep and ever-changing decks. I’ll be there with you, hiding in the dark. After all, there is nothing like it.

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