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Google is reportedly halting construction on its giant San Jose campus.



Google’s long-planned 80-acre campus in San Jose may be on hold, at least for now. CNBC sources The Alphabet brand is said to have put construction on hold on its downtown west facility following an initial phase of demolition. The company reportedly gutted the campus development team as part of massive layoffs in January and froze construction without telling contractors when it could resume.

In a statement to Engadget, a spokesperson says the firm wants its office space to reflect the “future needs” of business, hybrid workers and society. Google is still determining “how best to move forward” with the San Jose campus, but is “committed” to long-term development in San Jose, the spokesperson adds.

Google spent years negotiating and designing Downtown West and won approval in 2021 after promising concessions that include 15,000 housing units in Silicon Valley, $200 million in community support (such as helping displaced businesses), and dedicating more than half of the campus to public use. . Construction was to begin in earnest later this year and take 10 to 30 years to complete. Critics objected to the liquidation or relocation of prominent businesses and landmarks, but the potential economic benefit to the city was such that Gov. Gavin Newsom touted the deal as essential to the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, it was the pandemic that ultimately put Google in its current position. The company has been hiring heavily in previous years (its ranks have grown by 20% since 2017), but this year it is laying off about 12,000 employees as potential ad and cloud customers cut their budgets. Google is also rolling out a hybrid work strategy that allows employees to stay at home for a while. Simply put, there is not as much need in offices as there used to be.

This does not mean that Downtown West is dead. The project’s potentially decades-long timeline gives Google some flexibility. However, the uncertainty leaves San Jose in an awkward state. Google has cleared a large area, but is not building a campus that should provide jobs and economic activity in the region.


Lyft plans to ‘significantly reduce’ headcount, CEO says





plans to “significantly reduce” its workforce, the company’s new CEO David Risher told employees on Friday, in another round of layoffs as the company struggles to turn a profit and recover.

In a company-wide memo, Risher said the cuts were intended to make Lyft “a faster, flatter company, where everything is closer to our riders and drivers.”

“I accept this decision and understand that it is costly,” Risher continued. “We’re not just talking about team members; we’re talking about relationships with people who have worked (and played) together, sometimes for years.”

The announcement follows Lyft’s November move to cut 13% of its workforce amid fears of an impending recession.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the latest job cuts will result in at least 1,200 job cuts, or more than 30% of the staff. A Lyft spokesperson declined to provide details on the extent of the cuts.

“David has made it clear to the company that his focus is on creating a great and affordable rider experience and driving driver revenue,” a spokesperson said. “To do this, we need to cut our costs and structure our company in such a way that our leaders are closer to the riders and drivers. This is a difficult decision and we do not take it lightly. But as a result, Lyft will become much stronger and more competitive.”

Last month, Lyft announced that Risher, an Amazon veteran, would take over as CEO in April, and co-founders Logan Green and John Zimmer would step down from their senior roles at the taxi company.

Reiser was the 37th employee of Amazon — a company that has long been a blueprint for the on-demand industry — and went on to become the e-commerce giant’s first head of product and head of US retail.

Lyft and Risher face huge challenges. While Uber diversified its business into food and grocery delivery, Lyft never did. This may have hurt the company early in the pandemic, when fewer customers were traveling but more were ordering goods online.

Now Uber is showing new strength In its latest earnings report, Uber said it had “the strongest quarter ever,” reporting a 49% increase in revenue year-over-year. Meanwhile, Lyft’s latest earnings report was unusually disappointing for Wall Street.

Lyft shares rose 6% at noon on Friday, but the company’s shares have fallen about 70% over the past year.

– Katherine Thorbeck of CNN contributed to this report.

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Lyft is ‘significantly’ cutting staff: NPR



The Lyft logo is mounted on a Lyft driver’s car in Pittsburgh. This week, the company announced a significant reduction in staff in order to save money.

Gene J. Puskar/AP

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Gene J. Puskar/AP

The Lyft logo is mounted on a Lyft driver’s car in Pittsburgh. This week, the company announced a significant reduction in staff in order to save money.

Gene J. Puskar/AP

Lyft wants to “significantly reduce” its workforce as part of a company-wide restructuring. CEO David Risher announced on Friday.

The taxi company declined to give specific numbers to NPR about the potential impact of these layoffs. Wall Street Magazine informed that layoffs could affect about 30% of Lyft workers, or about 1,200 jobs.

“David has made it clear to the company that his focus is on creating a great and affordable rider experience and driving driver revenue,” a spokesman for NPR said.

“This requires reducing our costs and structuring our company so that our leaders are closer to riders and drivers,” the spokesperson said. “This is a difficult decision and we are not taking it lightly. But the result will be a much stronger and more competitive Lyft.”

Risher took over the reins of Lyft just this week, replacing company founders John Zimmer and Logan Green. But during a staff meeting a few weeks ago, Riescher told employees layoffs were “in the air.”

“We need to be a faster, flatter company where everyone is closer to our riders and drivers so we can get the job done,” he said in a public message to employees on Friday.

Affected workers will be notified by next Thursday.

Several companies in the tech sector are experiencing turmoil, thanks in part to a significant decline in digital advertising revenue. Facebook parent company Meta announced in March that it was laying off 10,000 people. Also last month, Amazon announced it was cutting another 9,000 jobs after it had previously announced that 18,000 employees would lose their jobs.

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LeoVegas account suspended: why and how to fix it



October 20, 2021

From time to time, online casinos prohibit players from playing with them. Being one of the best online casinos in India, LeoVegas bans players from time to time.

We have previously created an article for players who have their Betway account suspended. It quickly became one of the most popular guides on AllGambling.

This article explains in detail why this is happening and what you can do to fix the problem.

Table of contents


There are various reasons why your LeoVegas account might be banned. Below is a list of the main reasons why this happens:

  • Suspicious login (on a device other than the usual one or from another country)
  • Unfair advantage practices (arbitrage betting, bonus abuse)
  • Multiple Accounts
  • Gambling for minors
  • Irresponsible gambling


If you have your LeoVegas account blocked due to a suspicious login, it usually happens for the following reasons: playing from another country, using a device other than your usual one, or using a VPN.


Recently, we have seen massive bans on players using arbitrage bets and abusing bonuses. This is because LeoVegas and other online casinos want their game to be fair for all players, not just those who use dishonest tactics.

Many people don’t realize that arbitrage bets and bonus abuse affect other players. This is because constant abuse will lead to lower odds and less valuable bonuses over time.


Players will often have multiple accounts for different purposes. Examples of this are having one account for real money play and another for free spins without the need for a deposit.

Having multiple accounts is against LeoVegas policy and will result in you being permanently banned from playing at their casino in the future. Unfortunately, unlocking an account is very difficult, if not impossible, as LeoVegas does not post how an account can be unlocked.


The age limit for gambling is 18 years. If you are playing at a casino with Curacao or MGA licenses such as LeoVegas and you are underage, you will not be allowed to play.


If you play LeoVegas and have a gambling addiction, this will usually result in your account being banned.

Not knowing the signs of gambling addiction can lead to serious consequences in the future. For more information on responsible gambling, visit


how to fix blocked account

If you have your LeoVegas account blocked, you are probably interested in getting the problem resolved. The solution to your banned account depends on why you’re banned, which is why we’ve split this up into a few different recipes.


If you have blocked your LeoVegas account due to a suspicious login, this issue should be resolved by contacting support.

If you need assistance, please contact LeoVegas support at or visit their website for more information.


If your account is banned due to unfair advantage practices (ARB), you can try to contact support, but you will probably be permanently banned. If you had funds in your account, you can request a withdrawal, however LeoVegas can legally confiscate your funds and they will likely do so.

Your best chance of playing online casino games again is to find a new online casino to play at and stop using unfair advantage methods.

Here are some good alternatives to LeoVegas in India:


Casumo invites you to play slots, live casino and sports betting. The welcome bonus requires a wagering requirement of 30x. Licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority. Please play responsibly. Age limit: 18+


With 10CRIC you can play online casino, bet odds and play rummy. The welcome bonus requires a 40x wagering requirement. Licensed by the Curacao Gaming Authority. Please play responsibly. Age limit: 18+


Pure Win challenges the establishment with a great new product and welcome bonus. The welcome bonus requires a wagering requirement of 35x. Licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority. Please play responsibly. Age limit: 18+


If your account is blocked due to multiple accounts, you need to contact support. It happened that the ban was lifted, but only in rare cases, when it was obvious that this was not done on purpose. Your chances of getting banned increase dramatically if you don’t take advantage of the welcome bonus.


If your account has been suspended because you are under the age of majority, there is no way to resolve this issue. If LeoVegas allows you to continue gambling after they already know you are a minor, they risk losing their MGA license.


If your account is suspended due to your gambling addiction, it cannot be resolved by contacting support. If you think that this is the case, we recommend that you seek help from professionals or stop gambling altogether.

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