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Homemade balls like the IBM Selectric give new life to typewriters from the 60s (and Comic Sans)



Increase / Typewriter ball from a 1961 IBM Selectric typewriter.

There are some feelings that you just can’t recreate. And the supporters of the IBM Selectric spring keyboards neither the flex spring design nor the modern mechanical keyboard can replicate the distinct feel of this legendary ball type. In the 60s and 70s, the Selectric was a staple in the office, but the rise of PCs and daisy wheel forced the machine into retirement by 1986. This did not stop people from buying, refurbishing and sale Electricians, however. The problem is that IBM stopped making the one printing element that makes these typewriters so special. You can find type balls online (including variants claiming to be used another never been used) and in shops of old electronic components. But you would save time and resources if you could make your own. It took someone years to find a way to make a 3D printable Selectric golf ball, but now someone claims to have it.

An artisan named Sam Ettinger recently shared his project to 3D print Selectric balls. Khakadey another github and shared the files on printing formsaccording to Khakadey. But beware: these final versions have not been tested or printed by their creator. Earlier this month, Ettinger shared a video on mastodon the previous version in action, recognizing that some letters could not be used.

Increase / Ettinger said he printed this using a previous version of his Cherokee 3D printed ball.

The newer models are reportedly 0.2mm shorter to address this issue and adjust letter rotation as it was “offset 90 degrees”. Because of this, we cannot test how successful these models will be in real use.

Comic Sans and more

$36, but we’d be cautious since he hasn’t tested this version yet.”>Ettinger also sells a Comic Sans ball for <a href=$36but we’d be careful as it hasn’t tested this version yet.” src=”×358.jpg” width= “640” height=”358″ srcset=”×717.jpg 2x”/>
Increase / Ettinger also sells a Comic Sans ball for $36but we would be careful as he hasn’t tested this version yet.

In addition to eliminating key jamming by moving away from old-school typewriters, one of the neatest features of the Selectric typewriters was the ability to change golf balls and change typewriter fonts and languages, from international languages ​​to the APL programming language and scientific notation (if you need more help to understand why people are still attached to Selectrics, this video is on youtube from keyboard enthusiast Chyrosran22 can help).

1971 IBM Selectric II in blue.
Increase / 1971 IBM Selectric II in blue.

Ettinger type balls follow the same spirit, offering Comic Sans (drawing from Jessie England’s book Typewriter Comic Sans 2014), and Windows Tifinagh keyboard layout V Ebrima Font and Windows’ Cherokee Nation keyboard layout V digohveli font. Each ball requires a “bent wire” as they say in the Printables pages, or a Selectric ball clamp, a design also available through printing formsto work.

Building on earlier work

Ettinger believes these handmade golf balls are better than previous attempts thanks to the work Steve Malikoff, who made an ambitious but imperfect DIY ball using OpenSCAD. In 2020, Malikoff detailed efforts to 3D print his printed ball with an FDM printer, but struggled to make sharp edges on plastic rather than metal like the original IBM golf balls.

Ettinger, referring to the resin printer’s capabilities, said he changed “most of” the dimensions of the Malikoff ball and how the characters are generated for the automated process. As noted Khakadey, a 3D printed ball is not as durable as metal balls. But beggars cannot choose.

Rendering of a Tifinagh-type ball.
Increase / Rendering of a Tifinagh-type ball.

With its advanced capabilities, from error correction to the introduction of magnetic recording technology (hello, early electronic word processing!), you can’t have a real conversation about how we got to modern computing data without a nod to the Selectric. Those devoted to the legend may now have a new way to keep their machines alive – or at least a handy job to lean on.

We look forward to someone printing and testing Ettinger’s models to make sure they estimate IBM machines correctly. What’s more, people could use Ettinger’s work to create more DIY ball options, from additional fonts to more languages ​​and maybe even better designs. Long live the golf ball.

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Google TV puts over 800 free channels in the Live tab



You can explore other free TV options at google tv as part of a platform update that will be released over the next few weeks. Google said it is adding free channels from Tubi, Plex and Haystack News to the Live tab in addition to existing channels from Pluto TV. The company said it will now offer over 800 free TV channels to watch.

Google TV began integrating access to sponsored TV channels earlier this week. blog post from google. New offerings include built-in Google TV channels as well as NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox news channels.

The push to spin off more free channels on Google TV — the tech giant’s platform for Chromecast streaming devices and smart TVs — could help it stand out from Roku, Apple and other competitors. In our review on Chromecast with Google TV HD, CNET’s Sarah Lord found the Google TV home screen to be “cluttered and overloaded.” The new layout of the Live tab can make it easier to watch.

In addition to the expanded channel offering, you can now browse channels by topic and genre in the TV guide on the Live tab. The Live tab also allows you to watch live TV channels or a paid live TV subscription on YouTube TV or Sling TV.

Google in February revealed other changes to its Google TV interface, including the addition of four new pages of content under the For You tab.

All Google TV devices in the US will be able to access the new live TV setup within the next few weeks, the company said. For more information check out CNET Chromecast review with Google TV HD another best TVs of 2023.

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Best foldable phones of 2023: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold, Z Flip, Moto Razr



Foldable phones have been with us for years, and although I found them disappointing at times, their smart flexible displays offer a futuristic experience that is different from conventional phones. The foldable phone market is dominated by Samsung with its Galaxy Z Fold 4 another Z flip 4 offering a variety of folding shapes to tempt you to part with your cash. But Samsung isn’t the only company in the game.

Motorola has released an updated version of its foldable phone. res a flip phone, and then there are foldable phones from Honor and Oppo, which we really like – but while they’re a great option for people in Europe, there are no plans for either phone to officially go on sale in the US. There is still no sign of a foldable iPhone, but a few leaks indicate that Google is working on a foldable Pixel phonewhich might even be showcased at Google I/O in May. foldable phone which I am very happy to see.

The foldable phones we have come in two main varieties; all-in-one phones that open up to become larger, tablet-sized foldable devices (like the Galaxy Z Fold 4) or candy bars that fold in half to become smaller and more comfortable (like the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Moto Razr 2022 ). Due to the latest technology, all foldable devices are more expensive than their regular smartphone equivalents, but if you want to draw attention when you take out the foldable display and bend your phone in half, they’re worth looking into.

So, here’s our pick of the best foldable phones available to buy now.

James Martin/CNET

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 usually costs $1,800 (wow!), but it still costs significantly more than a regular phone. But the latest version of Samsung’s foldable book is filled with small improvements that make the overall experience more enjoyable. The hinge is thinner, the device is lighter, and the screen protector is wider, making it more natural to use as a phone when closed. This is in addition to other routine upgrades such as an improved Galaxy S22-like camera and a new processor. Our reviewer Patrick Holland called it his “favorite Android tablet”.

If you already have a Z Fold 3, it’s not worth upgrading. But if you’re willing to spend big (or can find a good trade-in deal) and are interested in a phone that doubles as a tablet, the Z Fold 4 is the way to go.

Read our Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 review.

Patrick Holland/CNET

With a candybar shape that folds into a smaller square, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 offers a much more compact size than the Z Fold 4. This makes it easier to fit into a narrow pocket when not in use, but still folds out to offer a large 6.7-inch display when you need it.

Like the Z Fold 4, the Flip line has gone through changes over the years to improve the hinge system and reduce the creases in the display. It also has a new camera system as well as a large external display that shows incoming notifications.

Sure, it’s expensive and battery life could be better, but it’s a fun phone that we enjoy using.

Read our Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 review.

Motorola Razr (2022)

Fresh update for durable folding

We reviewed the previous Motorola Razr phone back in 2020 and we loved its stylish design and folding mechanism. In 2022, the phone received a fresh update with updated internals, a new camera system, and a larger display.

And while this phone was announced for the Chinese market, the 2022 Razr is also listed on the UK website along with a £950 ($1,160) price tag, so it’s likely the phone will get a wider release.

We’ve yet to get our hands on this phone, so we can’t say if the upgrades made it worth your money, but it’s worth keeping in mind, especially if you’ve been considering buying an older model. We will update this list as soon as more details are announced.

The standout feature of the Oppo Find N2 Flip is its massive 3.26-inch external display that outshines the external screens on both the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and the Moto Razr. This gives you plenty of room to properly view incoming notifications or other information, meaning you don’t have to rotate your phone every time you want to check something.

Open it up, though, and its 6.8-inch screen is bright and crisp, with minimal creases that we found to be generally unobtrusive in day-to-day use. The dual rear cameras work well and the phone’s Mediatek processor is powerful enough for all your daily needs.

It’s a solid foldable phone and a great competitor to the Galaxy Z Flip 4, but before you get too excited, be aware that it’s not available in the US. After an initial launch in China, the phone is now more widely available in Europe and the UK, but there are no plans to make it available in the US yet.

Read our hands-on review of the Oppo Find N2 Flip.

You are receiving price alerts for OPPO Find N2 Flip Dual SIM Smartphone 256GB ROM 8GB RAM (GSM Only | No CDMA) Factory Unlocked 5G (Moonlit Purple) – International

Patrick Holland/CNET

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 isn’t the most recent version, but the introduction of the Z Flip 4 meant a discount on the existing Z Flip 3. Starting at $600, the Flip 3 cuts its original $900 asking price significantly. This 2021 model comes with features such as 5G connectivity, a powerful processor, and a durable aluminum chassis.

It’s not much cheaper than the current Z Flip 4, but if you’re looking for a foldable phone with a little extra change, it’s worth checking out.

Read our Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 review.

You’re getting price alerts for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 (128GB Black)

While the 2020 Moto Razr 5G may have been replaced by the new 2022 model (see above), the price of the existing model has been slashed to an all-time low. You can pick it up straight from Motorola for just $600, which is a huge savings over its original $1,400 asking price and makes it the cheapest foldable phone you can buy right now.

And it’s still worth considering despite its age if you’re determined to get a foldable phone on a budget. We loved its design when we first got our hands on it, and its 5G connectivity means it’s ready to take advantage of those ultra-fast data rates.

Read our Motorola Razr 5G review.

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PBS also left Twitter due to the “publicly funded media” label.



not the only public broadcaster that after Twitter applied to his account. also stopped using the platform. The organization has not posted on its Twitter account since April 8.

Both PBS and NPR claim a label that doesn’t match their reality. Twitter has previously reserved such labels for state media such as China’s Xinhua news agency, as well as RT and Sputnik.

“PBS stopped tweeting from our account when we became aware of the change and we have no plans to resume at this time,” a PBS spokesperson said. . “We continue to closely monitor the ever-changing situation.”

Federal funding makes up about 15 percent of the public television system’s revenue. . The largest portion of income, 31 percent, comes from donations from individuals. Meanwhile, NPR reports that federal funding is less than one percent of the average annual budget. The broadcaster says it has stopped using Twitter largely to protect its credibility, suggesting the label is implying the government has editorial influence over it. NPR states that it is “a private non-profit company with editorial independence”.

Twitter has also applied this label to the BBC account. This organization also opposed the descriptor “publicly funded media”. Following an interview this week by a BBC reporter with Twitter owner Elon Musk, the company updated the label to read “publicly funded media,” a more accurate description of the broadcaster’s license fee-based budget.

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