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Twitter publishes code that it claims determines what tweets people see and why.



Increase / Twitter has posted what it says is the code its algorithm uses to recommend tweets to its users.

Twitter got better one of the many promises made by CEO Elon Muskposting on Friday afternoon what is claimed to be the tweet recommendation algorithm code. on GitHub.

The code posted under GNU Affero General Public License v3.0contains numerous details about what factors make a tweet more or less likely to appear in a user’s timeline.

IN blog post accompanying code release, Twitter’s engineering team (without a caption) notes that the system for determining which “most popular tweets end up on your device’s For You timeline” “consists of many interconnected services and tasks.” Every time the Twitter home screen is refreshed, Twitter pulls “the top 1,500 tweets from hundreds of millions,” the post says.

The largest source of these tweets are “online sources” or users who are being followed by someone. The top tweets from this stack are ranked by the likelihood of a user interacting with the author of that tweet; the more likely their tweets are to appear in For You. For “offline sources” not followed by the user, Twitter says it considers tweets that get the attention of people the user follows and tweets that are liked by those who like tweets similar to the user.

Already those who have looked at the code have noticed considerations that raise many more questions. Many posted them, of course, on Twitter itself.

Olafur Vaage, senior software engineer at Norwegian consulting service TurtleSec, noted that inside “HomeTweetTypePredicates.scala.” some of the apparent reasons for a tweet to be a candidate for the “For You” section:

  • author_is_elon
  • author_is_power_user
  • author_is_democrat
  • author_is_republican

Elsewhere in the code code comment presumably left by a Twitter engineer, explains that these identification values ​​are “used solely for collecting metrics.” The comment goes like this:

These author ID lists are used solely for collecting metrics. We track how often we serve tweets from these authors and how often their tweets impress users. This helps us confirm on our A/B experimentation platform that we’re not submitting changes that negatively impact one group over others.

The names of the objects in question, such as “DDGStatsDemocratsFeature” or “DDGStatsElonFeature” seem to support this interpretation, but this may not be possible to confirm with available code. However, it is interesting that Twitter checks and correlates these variables. During the Twitter Spaces audio session, a Twitter engineer noted that the labels used for the metrics were Democrats and Republicans. Musk, who claimed he didn’t know about the labels until today, suggested they shouldn’t be there.

Other factors are also taken into account for a tweet: its age is less than 30 minutes, the presence of images, and whether it comes from a “power user”. some believe means “legacy” verified account.

Musk tweeted along with a company blog post that a recommendation algorithm stating an “acid test” would be if “independent third parties” could “determine with reasonable accuracy what users are likely to be shown.”

Twitter’s release of its algorithm code comes just days after the social network’s broader source code was discovered on GitHub, potentially sitting there for months. according to the New York Times. Twitter then received a subpoena forcing GitHub to reveal information about the GitHub poster.

A report by Platformer earlier this week said that Twitter used a secret list of 35 top Twitter users, including President Biden, LeBron James, Ben Shapiro and Musk. Evidence of the implementation of this list, reportedly prompted in part by Musk’s dissatisfaction with his own involvement, has yet to be found in a codebase posted on Twitter.

Specifically, the code arrives just hours before “verified legacy” users – those who were blue-checked to indicate authenticity or notoriety before Musk bought the service – are due to be canceled in favor of paid ones. Twitter Blue followers. Although some users associated with governments and large organizations may apply for ticks of other colorsonly Twitter Blue subscribers for $8 per month will receive “priority rating in conversations.” among other features.

All of these changes take place on April 1, or April Fool’s Day.

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Are you using these emojis correctly?



From thumbs up emoji to peach and eggplant, testers across the country have been shocked to discover the true meaning of these seemingly innocent emojis. While the misuse of some emojis can be worth a laugh, other times it can lead to unwanted problems.

The misplaced shades given to peach and eggplant emoji have long been known; however, if you were not aware of this, we suggest that you stop using them immediately if this is not your intended purpose. Even if you just got home from Whole Foods and stocked up on the freshest batch of eggplants and peaches, don’t use these emojis to pass on your good supermarket finds to your friends or loved ones.


However, other emojis that may seem less obvious can still be offensive, ranging from skull emojis to crying and laughing emojis and even thumbs up emojis.

Here is the true meaning of some emoji on your keyboard to keep your text etiquette at its peak.


smiley skull head

Screenshot of what the skull emoji text means. (

For this emoji, the assumption is obvious, right? This is clearly a human skull, which in one way or another indicates death. On the contrary, the emoticon is actually used to express extreme amusement, so strong that you literally “died”.

So, the next time you want to use a crying and laughing emoji whenever you find something fun but don’t want to look dated, use a skull emoji instead. If you ever need to write something about the unfortunate circumstances of a death, perhaps don’t use emojis.

Which brings us to the above:

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Cry laughing emoji

The crying emoji may not always mean what you think.

The crying emoji may not always mean what you think. (

You have probably seen and used this emoji hundreds if not thousands of times. It’s fun and suggests you’ll find something funny and amusing. At least that’s what one might think. In fact, emoticons are used to express laughter, but are often derogatory and meant to induce anger. If you are trying to “troll” or make fun of another online user, then by all means make this emoji your best friend; Otherwise, stay away and best use the skull emoji to express your fun.


Thumb up emoji

An example of using the thumbs up emoji.

An example of using the thumbs up emoji. (

Again, at first glance, this emoji represents a thumbs-up, something that was used long before the advent of mobile phones to express agreement and agreement. While this definition is still true in real life, in the digital space of your smartphone, this is not a positive message at all. When used as an emoticon (not including reactions), a thumbs-up can be misinterpreted as dismissive, passive-aggressive, and as a means of ending a conversation. Some have even suggested that thumbs up emojis are for those who are “not brave enough to use middle fingers emojis”. It’s best to use the “swing” or “hanging free” emoji to express your approval instead of a thumbs up to avoid misunderstandings or misunderstandings.


A smiley hanging freely is a sign of approval.

A smiley hanging freely is a sign of approval. (

Clown face emoticon

This emoji is not used to express humor or refer to real clowns; instead, he proposes something more cynical. The emoticon is used as a means of intimidation, or rather, its use is meant to be humiliating. Its main meaning is to classify something as stupid, idiotic, and embarrassing. This emoji is best used when you are talking about yourself in a self-deprecating way, it’s funny and people can usually relate to any embarrassing moment you’re trying to share and emphasize it with a clown emoji.

The clown emoticon can be used in a more cynical or mean way.

The clown emoticon can be used in a more cynical or mean way. (

smiley emoticon

The emoticon emoji is used to express joy or happiness, but others may use it passive-aggressively.

The emoticon emoji is used to express joy or happiness, but others may use it passive-aggressively. (

Yes! The traditional and most classic smiley means not what you think! When emojis were first introduced, this one meant exactly what it represents – a person smiling casually! It was meant to express your gratitude and joy towards something.

Today it can still describe your excitement; however, text messages are more likely to use it as a passive-aggressive and patronizing gesture. To avoid confusion, we suggest using any of the other smiling emojis rather than this cynical looking one to convey your joy.

Different emoticons can express different levels of happiness.

Different emoticons can express different levels of happiness. (

Now that you’ve updated your newly polished text etiquette, you can brush off with complete confidence that you won’t offend or upset anyone, although more importantly, you can now respond to text with style and grace.

Did you use these emoticons correctly? We would like to hear from you.


To learn more about my tips, subscribe to my free CyberGuy Report newsletter by clicking the Free Newsletter link at the top of my website.

Copyright 2023 All rights reserved.

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SAVE $372: As of April 3, Walmart is selling the TCL 5-Series 4K 55-inch TV for $328. That’s $372 less than the advertised price!

Finding a new low-cost TV with all the features you need can be tricky, especially if you’re on a budget, but it’s possible. On April 3rd, Walmart is responding to shoppers’ pleas for entertainment with a great deal on TCL’s 5 Series 55-inch 4K TV.

Originally $699.99, this cinema-quality TV is now selling for just $328. This means you’ll save a whopping $372 in list price. However, we’d like to point out that Walmart tends to inflate list prices, so technically you might be saving a little less than advertised. However, it’s still a pretty good deal and definitely worth considering if you’re looking for a new TV.


The best 4K TVs for movies, games, sports and more

The TCL 5 Series 55″ TV is loaded with smart features and impressive performance, including 4K resolution and HDR support for high-quality viewing, and voice control for hands-free use. It features four HDMI inputs so you can connect to multiple devices at the same time, as well as Wi-Fi capabilities for streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. It also has something special for gamers: an automatic game mode that adjusts picture settings for a smooth and responsive gaming experience.

Overall, the TCL 5 Series 55-inch TV is a good option for those looking to upgrade their home entertainment system without spending a fortune.

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